How Can You Differentiate A Regular Vehicle From An Armored Vehicle?

There are many vehicles which are driven by civilians and are armored if you wanted to know how can you differentiate between an armored vehicle and a regular vehicle there are a few features you could see. Due to modernization, many vehicles which are armored earlier used to look like tanks and now are changed to slim electric cars. There is over 100000 vehicle armor around the world today.

armored vehicle

Let us look at the features which differentiate vehicle armor from civilian driven vehicles

Robust tyres: The armored vehicles are expected to run over anything so in case of any dangerous event, it should make sure that the passengers are safe. Hence the tires are made to withstand all kinds of impact and maintain their full functionality even when they are punctured.

Ballistic glass: Armored vehicles have ballistic glass which is different from a typical car, as it is made from a mixture of polycarbonate substance and leaded glass which allow the rear window to absorb energy. The glass is very thick and can withstand firing. Plastic glasses are becoming more transparent and lighter, with technology.

Mechanics: The interior of the vehicle is modified and the engine components are very strong. There are modified brakes and suspension. The mechanics are made so strong that it can withstand the weight of Steel, which is the body of the vehicle armor. It feels different to drive a modified vehicle, as compared to regular cars.

Steel framework : The framework of the car is the most important which adds to the strength of the body, hence it is made up of Steel which is of ballistic grade. This armored body makes it different from the other cars. These vehicles are remodeled from time to time to provide greater security to the passengers and military personnel. These days an armored vehicle is more like common, they are meant to blend in so that they are not recognized easily.

vehicle armor

The difference in the raw material used

The raw material gives the car longevity and keeps it protected to save transportation, the car doors, and the walls are made up of stainless steel and galvanized steel to make it safe. It also is free from rust and corrosion so that it can be Bullet resistant. The lining of the car is done with fiberglass clothing. Undivided attention and importance are given to the ballistic resistance, hence a thick body is used. The new and evolving Technologies have made the body of the car very powerful and so they are ready to face dangers at any time.

They are so protected that even in time of a car crash the layers of the car are made up of vinyl to prevent breaking off and provide protection inside. One of the most important factors is that they are able to escape any kind of temperature extremities and go to the toughest terrains. The polycarbonate layer is present to stop the bullet from any kind of penetration, hence reducing the chance of cracks on the body. An armored vehicle is very important to combat with any kind of terrorist or extremist. Also, these days the technology has made vehicle armor car appear like any ordinary car unlike standing it out so that it could be made an easy target.