Transportation has become very easy and people are spoilt with choices. Going on vacation has become easier with convenient apps like Lyft and Uber. As these provide hassle-free journey, not have to worry about renting a car or flagging down a taxi. The new go-to solution for any inconvenience related to travel uber is the answer. In recent studies, it has been noted that people preferred convenient apps as compared to Car rental Toronto services. There has been a steep decline in rental services, but that does not mean there is no other smarter way of transportation possible.

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Let Us see the advantages and disadvantages of Rental cars and Uber in terms of cost, convenience, availability, and safety.


  1. The cost of travel

The determining factor in the cost is the length of the stay. If you want to stay in a place for a week, hiring Car rental Toronto services is the best as it would cost something between $50 per day, which would be around 350 dollars in a week. On the other hand, Uber is calculated in terms of mileage which is a better option for short distance. In addition to that, you have to tip the Uber driver and hire it every day for your trip. You have to consider the number of passengers which are allowed in Uber versus that holds in a rental car, in case you have a full squad traveling with you, the best option would be hiring Car rental Toronto service.

  1. When do you feel safe using a car rental service or uber?

When you are traveling with Uber you might have to share your ride with strangers, which might not be comfortable for you. When you hire a Car rental Toronto service, they provide you with the driver’s license number plate, their name, a picture, and a rating so that you will be knowing the entire details when you will be traveling in Uber ride, you will be randomly matched with any driver so you might have to face discrimination of gender or race.

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  1. The availability of Uber

The worst thing is there are many locations where you cannot get uber. The places which are at the easy access of public transportation do not have upper, in such cases, if you have hired a car from Car rental Toronto services you will have the benefits. If you have to travel in walkable distance and take the right of one spot per day uber is a good option. But if you have multiple destinations to cover and you are visiting a place with your entire family you might want to rent it a whole car.

  1. Parking space

If you are staying at a hotel in Toronto, you will have to check if the hotel provides you with a free parking space, in most of the cases the hotel does so you would definitely want to hire a Car rental Toronto service.

Bottom line: At the end, it comes to your personal choice when you have to decide between Car rental Toronto service or over. You have to look out at all the points and consider them.